direct primary care

InVita Health & Wellness is proud to offer direct primary care (DPC). We offer a cash pay option for your primary care, which includes chronic care management of your health conditions and basic urgent care. Are you tired of writing a blank check to your health insurance company, where you never know how much you’re going to be charged for basic healthcare? Well, we’re tired too and therefore, are offering affordable and excellent healthcare!


We pride ourselves in offering transparent pricing and so you will always know exactly what you are going to pay for your healthcare. You no longer have to choose between affordability and quality healthcare. You can have both! Whether you already have health insurance and are looking for supplemental coverage or you have no insurance and are needing health coverage, you can rest assured that our DPC program will give you all that you need! With our DPC plan options, you may obtain health coverage right away, no matter your situation. We offer individual, couple, and family plans. With our DPC programs, you no longer have to wait days to see your primary care provider and you don’t have to worry about unknown costs. You can also eliminate the need for expensive urgent care visits. We are here to help! Contact us today to enroll into a DPC program and take charge of your health.


Your DPC Plan Options*:

  • $99 per month for one adult ages 19 and older
  • $70 per month for a spouse
  • $45 per month for one child ages 0-18
  • $259 per month for a family plan up to 4 (includes 2 adults and 2 kids); each additional child is $30 (no children maximum)


*Please note that the DPC Plan options are a MONTHLY subscription fee. With any new subscription, a 1-year commitment is required, though payments will only be made once per month. You will be able to designate which day of the month your recurring subscription payment is made. You may use the links below to make your initial payment and we will reach out to you to set up your future recurring payments.


What is covered under your membership?

-Easy access to your provider (texts, emails, or calls)

-Same or next day appointments GUARANTEED (this can include urgent care visits or chronic care management visits)

-Telehealth or in-person visits

-Up to 1 urgent care or chronic care management visit per month (does not include laboratory studies, diagnostic tests, or imaging, all of which would be extra)

-Pay no additional office visit fees or co-pays (only laboratory studies or diagnostic tests may cost extra)

-No headaches from dealing with insurance

-One free annual wellness examination for adults ages 19 and older (which includes a physical exam and a basic set of fasting labs; additional laboratory studies would be extra)

-One free school or sports physical for patients under 18 years of age 

-Access to discounted cash pay ancillary services such as: laboratory studies, diagnostic tests, imaging; specialists such as physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, and massage therapy


Cash Pay Pricing for Additional Testing (for DPC patients only):

-COVID-19/SARS Rapid Testing $25

-COVID-19/Influenza A & B $50

-Strep A Rapid Testing $25

-Strep A culture (send out) $15

-Urinalysis (UA only) $25

-Urine culture (send out) $10


Additional laboratory testing is available and pricing will be discussed with you at the time of your visit. Please note that you are able to use your own health insurance plan for send out diagnostic orders (ex: mammogram, DEXA scan, x-rays, etc.).